On God’s Delight in Us.

God delights in YOU. Yes, You.

The YouVersion verse of the day is Zephaniah 3:17. While the quick message they featured focused on the celebration/singing part of the verse… I was encouraged to focus on God’s delight in us.

The idea that God takes joy in us brought me joy. In their featured devotional, the author compares God comforting us with song to a parent comforting their child in the same manor.

It was no coincidence that merely 30 minutes prior I was using that same method to comfort my son. Singing him a song that brings him joy whenever it escapes my lips.

This led me to think even more on the idea of God as our Father:

As I’ve grown closer to God I have utilized the phrase Abba Father (Galatians 4:6) quite often in my prayers because He has been that to me. It was one of our first steps in true worship. So to now be a parent and once again be prompted in scripture of who God is to us, but from a completely different perspective, it just made everything hit different.

And this made me think of how we, as parents, emulate some of the ways in which God cares/parents us:

How when we delight in our children, it’s despite them doing much. In fact, it’s in large part because we see ourselves in them.

We delight in how they look, and talk, and can be stubborn at times like us.

We find joy in their learning and progress and curiosity. We feel at peace knowing that they are comforted by us when they seek it and that they seek guidance and comfort from us at all.

We live in an overhyped society. Hyper-sexualized, hyper-politicized, hypersensitive, and in many ways, hyper-Christian.

It’s all so overly abundant that we miss the mark completely.

But yet and still, God delights in us.

He, who did not sin, who loved us so greatly that He sent His OWN son to save us… Looks at us and feels joy.

Despite our sinful nature. Despite our errors and ignorance. Despite forgetting to seek Him…

He delights in us.

God Delights in YOU. Be well fam.


Be 💛